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In any BCM lecture theatre, it is relatively reasonable to remark that the number of devices is likely higher than the number of people in that same space. Although the positive influence of media use is undeniable, the practice still raises several issues, especially the shrinkage of students’ attention span.

They seemingly drift off to another world … I’ve found myself approached by students after class, asking me questions about matters that have been covered but somehow they missed, and this is getting more and more common.

According to this lecturer/tutor (in the BCM teaching team), over the last few years, platforms like Twitter and WordPress have been integrated tightly into the curriculum, truly engaging students into a network with their peers and their teachers. However, convenient access to devices has also caused the students trouble concentrating, as one student in the focus group pointed out:

I check my phone very often … It starts with a message, and then I get caught into all those other apps and sites.

This is also proven true by the survey results: more than half the (19) respondents admitted to checking their phones every 5-15 minutes during class and often missing out on parts of the lesson.

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