The Connected BCM Classroom – TUTORIAL ROOM

A visit to a BCM tutorial


The spatial design of the classroom hasn’t changed much from the past, and it is making teaching and learning more problematic. For example, large classrooms that are built for traditional ways of teaching become physically and visually distracting to students, and they eventually get lost in their own devices.

(a teacher, when interviewed)

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The highest value that blogging (using WordPress as the main platform) has to students is that gradually, an online portfolio is built up as a record of their entire university studies (Jenson 2011, p. 49), through which, with constant reflection, they can witness their own journey as a learner/writer/researcher (Lew & Schmidt 2011, p. 529).

Additionally, as found out from the focus group and the survey, getting feedback from friends in tutorial time on the content and design of blog posts markedly assists students in improving their own performance. As summed up by a student in the focus group, blogging as a requirement for BCM subjects is an outstanding form of peer-learning in that it allows students to

… consult others’ ideas and [blog] format … and see where [they are] among their friends. Other subjects don’t have that.

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