Be Present – Self-Regulation of Media Use

How not to let media use interfere with personal relationships

“Everywhere we go, we carry with us options far more enticing than the place and moment we happen to be standing within …”

This is a comment by Josh Pulman (cited in Maloney 2017) regarding his photography project, Somewhere Else, in which he captured images of people being together in shared public spaces yet in another space created by their own electronic devices Continue reading “Be Present – Self-Regulation of Media Use”

A Squiggly Line – on Taking Pictures in Public Spaces

Where do we draw the line to taking pictures of strangers in public spaces?


bcm241 PhotosInPublic
The squiggly line to picture-taking in public (artwork by me)


As suggested this week in BCM241, I did something I very usually do yet rarely put any thoughts into it. I took pictures of strangers using media in public spaces. Continue reading “A Squiggly Line – on Taking Pictures in Public Spaces”