Playfully Serious—on One Girl & the ‘Do It In A Dress’ Initiative

On a little playful (literal) dress-up for a serious cause, which even guys are doing.

“Size tip: If you’re doing something active, we recommend going up one size from your usual dress size.”

This tip, by the Australian non-profit organisation One Girl, applies to both female and male volunteers in Do It In A Dress (henceforth DIIAD), an annual initiative started in 2011 to battle educational inequality in Africa, aiming to provide at least one million girls with the proper education to which they are entitled. Fundraisers—in teams or individually—partake in (usually active) activites: dancing, surfing, even skydiving, all while donning school dresses issued by the NPO, to attract donors. Continue reading “Playfully Serious—on One Girl & the ‘Do It In A Dress’ Initiative”