[Update] BCM325 Digital Artefact: Virtual Reality & Storytelling

Some progress I have made so far on my BCM325 Digital Artefact.

A few weeks ago, I announced my choice of topic for my BCM325 Digital Artefact, which is Virtual Reality (VR) and related ethical issues. However, further research has proven that VR-in-general is too large a topic; combined with my passion for writing and storytelling, this means I have narrowed the scope down, focusing on the application of VR in storytelling to create compelling narratives. Continue reading “[Update] BCM325 Digital Artefact: Virtual Reality & Storytelling”

BCM325 Proposal: Virtual Reality & Storytelling with 360° Illustrations

For my BCM325 Digital Artefact, I am combining storytelling with 360° illustrations to explore VR and all things related.


A quick explanation of Virtual Reeality (VR) by HowStuffWorks

“A virtual reality system is an interactive technology setup (software, hardware, peripheral devices, and other items) that acts as a human-to-computer interface and immerses its user in a computer-generated three-dimensional environment.” (Meinhold 2013)

Continue reading “BCM325 Proposal: Virtual Reality & Storytelling with 360° Illustrations”

A Squiggly Line – on Taking Pictures in Public Spaces

Where do we draw the line to taking pictures of strangers in public spaces?


bcm241 PhotosInPublic
The squiggly line to picture-taking in public (artwork by me)


As suggested this week in BCM241, I did something I very usually do yet rarely put any thoughts into it. I took pictures of strangers using media in public spaces. Continue reading “A Squiggly Line – on Taking Pictures in Public Spaces”

[BCM212] Reflection – The Rigorous Research

At last, my BCM212 research on language barriers and Vietnamese international undergraduates at UOW has officially been finished. The progress has engraved in my mind the values of good research and good researchers – particularly critical judgement, social responsibility, and flexibility – as well as brushing up on my communications strategy planning skills. Continue reading “[BCM212] Reflection – The Rigorous Research”